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Wall Covering

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Design and decorate your wall with our wallpaper. We offer a variety of wallpaper design, type and colour, and also a variety of protective coatings. The most popular types wallpaper that we offer to you:

Vinyl Coated Paper

This Wallcovering has a thin layer of vinyl coating. It has the look of paper which appeals to some consumers, but must be handled with care as it tends to tear. This can with stand some light washing.

Solid Paper

This is the most basic type of paper. It has no vinyl protection and takes a great deal of careful maintenance to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Paper backed - Vinyl Paper

A top layer of vinyl and an under surface of paper is how this covering is constructed. It is usually prepasted. It is washable. This is the paper usually prefered by buyers today.

Fabric Backed Vinyl

These papers are heavy and usually not prepasted when backed with cheesecloth, the covering has some texture, which makes it ideal for hiding less than perfect walls. Most of these are scrubbable and usually strippable.

Special Products

These run from textured, embossed and flocked papers, to special coverings such as silk, bamboo, grasses and mylar.