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Eyelet Design

Elegant and modern with the large grommets for a rod to slide through. The rod needs to be removable to attach the curtain.

French Pleat Design

Create a formal appearance uses standard hooks placed in one or two rows of the hook pockets.

Singapore Pleat Design

Three small pleats grouped together at regular intervals work well, curtains are interlined.

Tab Design

Great to use a decorative curtain, can puddle on the floor and if in a sheer fabric, it will look great blowing in the wind or suit diffusing moonlight.

Box Pleat Design

Offen used when curtain window treatments stay in fixed position. This type of pleat is made by folding to the backside of the pleat.

Pencil Pleat Design

It is heat and tidy pleat, hangs uniformly and can be used with varying length of curtains. It used under valances and pelmets, as the design is simple.

Scallop Design

These are fabric that forms a decorative element over the window, hanging from two fixed points either side of the top of the window, draping down through the center. There are numerous variations of this form of decoration.

Valance Design

This is short curtain at the top of window, usually a deep frill of fabric framing the window and hiding the curtain track or rod and usually has a gathered or pleated heading.

Pelmet Design

This is a stiff paneled heading to curtains. It is a solid structure that is mounted above the window. There are generally seen upholstery. Very useful for keeping light from escaping out the top of curtain if total darkness is required.

Goblet Pleat Design

Similar to Singapore Pleat but the top of the pleat is not brought together as a triple fold. The top of a goblet pleat is stuffed with an interlining so the top will stay full.

Rod Design

Auditorium Design


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